9 Months (and 3 days)

Below is the face of a teething 9 month old! She has learnt SO much this past month. She can understand what words mean! I can ask her to wave, I can ask her to shake her head, and I can ask her to say mama dada, nana, etc and she will (most of the time) follow the instruction! She will yell at us if she wants something, she laughs pretty much constantly (which is the best thing EVER) and she just learnt to crawl on the 6th October (the day after she turned 9 months)!
She has 2 teeth and 1 about to cut through on the top left front, one next to the bottom front on the left, and I think a molar is going to pop up too but I’m not 100% if it will cut through soon or not.
Her hair is finally long enough for me to put little clips in it! It’s so beautiful and blonde with little curls sticking out in places.
She is really getting a personality! She loves to yell and scream (with joy) at the worst times! When it’s meditation time in our yoga group, she will YELL and laugh at everyone the entire time. She’ll scream whenever we go anywhere public, usually when it’s really quiet. It’s like she’s saying “WHY IS IT SO QUIET IN HERE?!” and wants to break silence. It doesn’t take long for Matthew and I to follow her lead!
She is becoming a little bit more independent but still loves to be with me (which I am absolutely fine with and cannot get enough of her cuddles and love). She is getting better at sitting and playing by herself or with other people, and she will hang out with daddy for longer.
Her favourite food is mango, but she will eat pretty much anything. She is really getting into bananas now though and normally will eat half of one for breakfast (with a little encouragement).
She is so happy and healthy and more beautiful every single day, and we cannot get over how in love we are with her. She is such a good girl and we are so blessed with her in our life. I often question what I did to get this lucky to have her (and her daddy).



8 Months (and 3 days)

These pictures are a great representation of how her 7th month went! My bipolar little baby. She’s still the sweetest thing, though! Such a gentle personality.

She isn’t crawling yet. She knows how to do everything but move her legs forward! She gets herself so frustrated with trying that she will end up getting upset and i will sit her up again.

She still has only two teeth but i have a feeling that shes about to have multiple cut through.

She has learnt how to say ‘mama’, ‘dada’, ‘nana’, etc which is SO cute because if we say it to her, she will say it back!     She’s begun mimicking a few things that we do, such as shaking our heads and waving, so we have started teaching her some basic sign language.

There is so much more to say about her but she is very cranky today so I don’t have time to think. 😉

I am so utterly in love with her and she is just the best thing.

7 Months

…And 4 days.


Your 6th month was pretty crazy! You are learning lots of things at a very fast pace now and it is so much fun to watch you understand the world a little bit more.
You are really enjoying eating real food (but it hasn’t put you off nursing at all, as I had presumed!) and mango is your favourite, which I love to eat with you.
You also really love the water now. Swimming pools are so much fun to splash around in!  You’re not shy of letting me know when it’s time to get out. You get so tired from all of the excitement that you fall straight asleep every time we get out which is the cutest thing!
You’re getting pretty confident in yourself and you know when you want something. If we take something off you that you wanted, you will tell us how terrible we are by getting very upset!
You now have 2 teeth! They are your bottom teeth and they are so very, very cute. You are not enjoying teething, and you have started waking up in the middle of the night crying, which isn’t like you at all. But with a little bit of teething gel, a clean nappy and some cuddles, you go right back to sleep again.
You are starting to get better and better at tummy time, and you seem eager to learn how to move forward but you haven’t quite figured it out yet. I know with some help from me and daddy, it shouldn’t take too long for you to get there though! For now, I am enjoying my not-very mobile baby because before I know it, I will be baby proofing everything and have to be constantly on guard!
Your personality is getting very strong. You are a very sweet little girl, you have a hilarious and brilliant sense of humour, and you are pretty dependent on me and daddy, which I adore because I get the BEST ever cuddles from you all the time!!
Your favourite things to laugh at are when I spin around and very dramatically say “HELLO!” and you love when I hide and then pop out again! You find it really funny when you drink water and blow raspberries everywhere so the water gets on everything! You also think it is so funny when something comes towards your face very fast. You will give me the best belly-laughs when that happens!

I can’t wait to see how you change this month my little Fern! ❤